Contemporary Apartment Complex Design

A Catalyst for Missing Middle Housing in Manor Park, DC


Situated in DC’s Manor Park neighborhood, this 16-unit project is uniquely located at the intersection of the neighborhood’s developing commercial corridor and its well-established residential community. As one of the first new multifamily developments in Manor Park, it serves as a catalyst for future projects and the ongoing revitalization of the surrounding neighborhood.

At just 4 stories above ground level and a penthouse, this project bridges the gap in scale and massing between the larger commercial buildings along Kennedy St NW and the single-family residences to the north. At its essence, this development epitomizes the concept of missing middle housing - a perfect model of medium-density living seamlessly integrated into the existing urban context. By providing a range of unit configurations in proximity to local shops and major city transit hubs, it establishes a new standard for contemporary, pedestrian-friendly urban living.

Contemporary Apartment Complex Design

Exterior Architecture

The architectural exterior design accentuates the project’s corner site with the use of angled bay projections that create a dynamic reading of the building’s massing.  Each bay’s outer corners are wrapped with expansive windows offering unparalleled exposure with façades gracing three sides. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding neighborhood, the exterior materials feature a refined neutral color palette. A heavy dark brick background visually anchors the contrasting lighter floating bays above, while intricate brick detailing adds depth, texture, and shadow on the façade. These design elements combine to produce a timeless contemporary style that blends within the existing architectural fabric of Manor Park.

Interior Layout

Within its walls, this multi-unit project exemplifies the principles of spatial optimization. With twelve 2-bedroom units and four 1-bedroom units, each space is meticulously crafted for functionality and versatility. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the living areas with natural light, imparting an expansive and airy setting. Penthouse dwellers enjoy expansive terraces, while cellar units benefit from ample window wells, ensuring every resident experiences urban living at its finest.

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